Dolmabahce Palace Istanbul

Istanbul is the only city in the world that is in a position to be a bridge two continents. Europe and Asia.

It became part of the Roman Empire In the early 100's BC, and Emperor Constantine the Great made Byzantium capital of the entire Roman Empire in 306 AD. Therefore the city was known as Constantinople.

The city has unexpected natural beauty also its attribute made the city so desirable and mystery. The museums, palaces, great mosques, and bazaars had long histories about wars, intrigues, love which is glamour.

It has an incomparable location for trade and transport between three continents, was also its nemesis. It was attacked by Persians, Arabs, nomadic peoples, and members of the Fourth Crusade (who for a time governed the city) attacked Constantinople for the next several hundred years.

Istanbul was the capital until the War of Independence. Ataturk moved the capital to the city of Ankara as it is a safer city being in the middle. But Istanbul has continued to expand; today the population is approximately 15 million and increases by immigrants per year which is about 700.000. Industry has expanded even as tourism has grown, has more job opportunities than other cities. It continues to be a city that creates its own history at the intersection where both Continents meet.

There are many museums, castles, mosques, palaces, historic Turkish baths, and churches. Some of the districts of the city are: Haydarpasa, Uskudar, Eyup, Galata, Perapalas, Ortakoy, Bosphorus, Taksim, Eminonu and Sultanahmet.